HELLO!! If you want promotional videos & photos on your website that people actually want to watch, I'm your girl. ;)
I'm Chamonix and I'm a filmmaker/photographer based in Seattle.
Nobody trusts advertisements, reads, or wants to be sold to anymore, but people still love watching movies. So let's use video to the personal story of your business in a beautiful and down-to-earth way that capture's people's attention and gets them to stick around long enough to actually learn about who you are, what you do and why they want to work with you. In addition to the main Brand Film that we'll create for the front of your website, we can also record smaller informational/explainer videos that answer FAQ and describe your products or services in more detail. We can also create smaller videos for social media and I always include complimentary photography for all my video clients. If you're always needing fresh content for social media, we can do regular monthly or quarterly shoots.  

Sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION, tell me all about your business goals and I'll show you how we'll use video to get you there.


➺ It's a 2 minute video for the front of your website or about page. Some people use it for investor pitches, kickstarters, introducing themselves to clients over email and grabbing people's attention on social media. 
➺ It's purpose is to quickly and creatively explain WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY people want to work with you. 
➺ People want to work with people they like. Your brand film tells a story, includes your voice, shows you working with clients, shows behind the scenes, takes people on a tour of your space, and maybe gives them a peek into your personal life. 
➺ It brings a website to life so people can connect with you as a real person, get a sense for the personality of your brand, and kick off an actual relationship with you before you've even met.
➺ It makes people feel like they know you so they're more comfortable reaching out or placing an order.
➺ It's a client filter - it strongly communicates your brand so the ideal client feels excited and the not-so-ideal clients run for the hills. My own clients tell me that once they put their brand film on their website, every single person who reached out to them was a great fit. Time and stress saver!
➺ It's your elevator pitch. It talks so you don't have to (if you're giving a presentation, just click play!) and it's out there marketing on your behalf while you're busy at work.
➺ It's show & tell - combining voice over storytelling, evocative music, and beautiful imagery to grab people's attention so they stick around long enough to get to know you/your brand and maybe even fall in love a little. Writing a paragraph to tell people you're good at what you do just doesn't cut it anymore - they gotta see it to believe it.