HELLO!! I'm Chamonix and I'm a filmmaker and photographer based in Seattle. I work with artists, entrepreneurs & brands. Nobody wants to read or be sold to anymore BUT people still love watching movies. Whether you sell clothing, music, consulting services or food, let's use artistic and down-to-earth filmmaking to capture people's attention and make them stick around long enough to learn about who you are, what you do & why they want to work with you or buy from you. First, set up a free consultation meeting with me so we can look at your goals and figure out what kind of video you need most right now. We can make brand films for the front of your website, music videos, social media videos and everybody always gets photos included so they match your video. If you're in constant need of fresh content for social media, you can schedule regular (monthly, every other month, or quarterly) shoots. More info & pricing. Sign up for a FREE CONSULTATION. -- xx Chamonix