If you're an artist, entrepreneur or business and you want to dive into the world of video marketing and get a sweet promotional video for the front of your website...I'm your girl.

I'm Chamonix and I'm a filmmaker/photographer, based in Seattle.

I create marketing videos that double as storytelling artwork so people feel like they're watching an entertaining movie and getting to know you/your company as a new friend, rather sitting through another advertisement and being sold to. In other words, I create memorizing mini-movies that hypnotize people to stick around long enough to learn everything you want them to know and actually start to have some feelings for you too. They'll be more likely to contact you after watching your video and you can take it from there! 

There is beauty in every job and every industry - you just have to know how to spot it and how to capture it in a way that's interesting to people. My favorite part of being a filmmaker is hunting and gathering beautiful video clips from places that seem mundane and recording interview questions that seem trivial and then stitching it all together into a story that captivates people so they pay attention, feel something, learn something and fall in love.

Most of my clients come to me for a brand film but I'm always happy to help with those video-related projects like getting tutorial videos recorded for your new Youtube channel, holding your hand as you go LIVE on Facebook for the first time, recording you interacting with clients (video testimonials from clients are powerful), or meeting up to film a special event for you. Plus, I'm an all around camera girl, simultaneously shooting video and photos, so you always get both! It's good to have videos and photos that compliment each other on your website - more consistent, professional and eye-candelicious that way. 

You can hire me once but I encourage all my clients to get on-board with recurrent shoots (monthly, bimonthly or quarterly) so we can build a strong relationship and form the habit of creating video content on the regular. Once you have a brand film on the front of your website, you might get hooked on video and want to start publishing video ALL THE TIME. haha So if you catch the video bug, I'll be right there to hold your hand. ;) x

Your business is already badass. Now let’s make it beautiful so people will pay attention.


When not running the biz, I'm making music and driving my sexy red convertible, rain or shine. I'm happiest when barefoot, in the wind, on road-trips & under the lights at a music festival. You can listen to my music at Cha Wilde.


I made my first film when I was 13 (it was about my family's ski vacation) and I remember daydreaming about growing up and getting paid to make videos. Never thought it would actually happen though but lookie lookie! After getting a degree in Theology at the University of Scotland (nothing to do with cameras lol), I launched my business in 2011, straight out of college, taught myself everything through hustle & lessons learned the hard-way, and gained experience across the genres including weddings, fashion, beauty, family portraits, women's boudoir & glamour, and commercial products photography. I find that my background in weddings & portraits is what sets apart me apart in the world of video marketing because I'm more interested in making videos that are sexy and fun (rather than 'traditional corporate professional' - bleh.) I also own another business called "the Happy Film Company" which creates photos & videos for families with young kids in Seattle. 

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