Dear Liry, Debut EP at Cabin Recording - Behind the Scenes Photos & Video - Seattle Music Videography

What It's Like Recording Music at "Cabin Recording"
Wanna record music in a cabin in the wilderness? Cabin Recording is hidden at the top of a steep-ass hill, deep the forest 30 minutes from Seattle. I parked my red Miata in the driveway and stepped out in the damp forest, a big log cabin towering above me, evergreen trees behind. I could hear drums blasting out through the logs into the quiet air. Lydia, a.k.a. Dear Liry, ran outside, gave me a big hug and led me inside. I got the grand tour of this cabin recording studio in the woods; beautiful wood panel walls, a tree trunk in the middle of the room, beautiful music equipment with all the shiny nobs and sparkly silver tuning pegs that make us drool, a cozy leather couch on a gorgeous Persian rug where you can sit and watch Tyler at work behind his computer, twinkle lights hanging in the rafters, a humidifier puffing on a stool, cables snaking along the floor and a giant bird kite hanging from the ceiling. 

Why I Take So Many Close Up Shots While Photographing Musicians
Like usual, I got to work shoving my camera right up in everybody's business. I snuck up behind Cade as he banged on the drums, trying my best not to breath near the microphones. I hovered the camera above Lydia's head as she bobbed her head to the beat, smiling behind her adorable glasses and listening to her music coming to life. Lydia & Tyler have been working together for months, preparing for this 4 day recording session; 4 songs in 4 days, working 10am-6pm, sometimes longer. Lydia wrote these songs years ago, songs that sprung pages in her journey; honest music inspired by her life experiences. They met through a mutual friend and started sharing Spotify playlists for inspiration and emailing demo tracks back and forth; developing the sound they'd be creating for her debut EP. This is a special project so I wanted to take photos and videos that would capture all the little details and happy memories for Tyler & Lydia. Capturing memories is all about focusing in on everyday casual details of life in the recording studio (feet tapping, sipping water, untangling wires etc..). It's all those little things that bring back the feelings you love and help other people feel like they were there with you when they see the photos/videos. This is why I'm obsessed with close-ups. I'm always zooming in as close as possible because I want the final product to feel intimate, personal, full of feeling. Camera or no camera, if you want to feel things in this life, you gotta get close up. My favorite shots from this shoot were of gold cymbols vibrating, the sparkly fabric on the front of the amps, shiny tuning pegs on Tyler's guitars, colorful computer lights, and a sliding blur up and down the keys of the piano. Obviously, I'm a magpie...did someone say sparkles?

A Tip for Photographers, Videographers and Artists in the Music Industry: ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT & TRY YOUR IDEAS
Lydia and I met online just 15 hours before recording together. I stumbled across her on Instagram while browsing the hashtag #seattlemusicians, realized she was only in town for a few days to record her debut EP at Cabin Recording, and quickly messaged her at 1am to coordinate her behind-the-scenes filming day before she flew home to California. You get what you ask for my friends. I saw a musician I liked, felt those good vibes, sent a clear message telling her what I wanted to do and boom we made it happen. The same thing applies during the photo shoot. If you have a creative idea pop into your head, ask people to try it, even if it seems awkward, random or inconvenient. If an idea comes into your head, it's always worth exploring -- that's how we discover things we could never plan for...they just came to us and BOOM our whole perspective changes! During this shoot, I kept feeling an urge to get my camera down on the floor and film the power sockets and surge protectors with all the cables sticking out. Yes, I have one minute of video footage zooming in on a power socket. Why? Because the idea to get down on the floor kept crossing my mind and I've learned my lesson that it's always worth trying. In the end I didn't use the power outlet footage but while I was down there I got some cool footage of tapping feet and I discovered a fun way to slide my focus up and down the piano keys. This is the footage at the very end of the video during the credits. It's some of my favorite footage ever so good thing I followed those power sockets. 

Thank you so much Tyler, Cade & Dear Liry, for the spontaneous filming days in the cabin! I hope we get to work together again soon and I'm bouncing in my seat to hear the EP! -- Chamonix


"Chamonix helped me launch my indie music career! I was really blown away by her generosity and friendliness when working with her. She was very professional and was able to capture beautiful and authentic photographs along with video footage of my time recording my debut EP out in the Seattle area. She was flexible with scheduling, and during the shoots I felt very comfortable to just be myself. The end product of many photographs along with a behind the scenes reel including music and short interviews was really beautifully and professionally compiled. I'm very happy to have worked with her, and I would definitely recommend her services to any musicians out there who are looking for that creative but authentic branding edge!" -- Dear Liry,


Date: January 11, 2018
Project: Behind the Scenes Photos & Film of Debut EP Recording Session
Location: Cabin Recording (Issaquah, WA)
Artist: Dear Liry,
Producer: Tyler of Cabin Recording
Drummer: Cade Legat
Videography/Photography: Chamonix of Chamonix Films