LALA 'Feel It Still' Cover Music Video at Pike Place Market - Seattle Music Videography

Early morning in the fish market, trucks being loaded, black birds swooping around in the first rays of sun, frozen fingers in the winter chill, and blonde curls bouncing along to country music. 
LALA and I met by Rachel the Pig & the Flying Fish at Pike Place Market on a cold December morning. We spent two hours singing "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man in alleyways, on rooftops and down by the freeway where we could see the sunrise over Mount Rainier. LALA's fingers were frozen to her guitar strings and mind were frozen to camera buttons. LALA's boyfriend was with us carrying our bags and treating us to hot apple cider! Boys are so useful ;P Our mission for the day was to create a continuous take acoustic music. In other words, LALA would sing the song start to finish without stopping and I would be recording the entire thing start to finish without stopping. NO STOPPING. We both gotta get it right. We tried four locations and I chose the take from Post Alley (one of the first takes) because it had the urban vibe we were going for, the acoustics sounded better (earlier in the morning so the city was more quiet and we were slightly isolated), and those twinkle lights in the background are undeniable eye-candy. LALA sings with such a huge smile on her face. I was so happy the entire time we were working together because of her positive attitude, beautiful voice, sweet country accent, and her silliness. One time we were walking down the street and she put on big puffy winter gloves to keep her fingers warm and she was trying to play guitar with those mittens on. LALA's from Nashville where she is signed with Riser House Entertainment but she visits Seattle four times a year so fingers-crossed I get to work with this musical beauty again some day. Thank you so much Riser House & LALA for asking me to be your Seattle music videographer and giving me the opportunity to create this video. Lots of love from SEA town! -- Chamonix


Chamonix was very easy to work with and brought our picture for the video to life. Our artist loved her positive attitude, which made her very comfortable. Chamonix gave more content than we asked for, which is unheard of and greatly appreciated. -- Riser House Entertainment


Date: December 14, 12017
Project: Continuous Take Music Video -- Cover of "Feel It Still" Original by Portugal the Man
Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle
Artist: LALA, Logan Ashlie
Label: Riser House Entertainment
Videography/Photography: Chamonix of Chamonix Films