Lifestyle Fashion & Product Photography for Vixen Day Spa & Boutique - Magnolia Seattle

Tucked into the village in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood is a beautiful boutique full of mirrors, warm chandeliers and women sharing stories while they smell candles and get their nails painted. Vixen Day Spa is a vision come true for Courean Napolitano and I'm so excited to become a part of her business, helping her boost her Instagram feed with higher quality product & lifestyle photos, short video clips and a full on brand film (coming soon!) Courean invited me over to her very stylish town house for our consultation meeting where we gabbed about building businesses, how to get involved in video marketing, how she manifested her vision (a women's hang out that sells the coolest clothing, all discovered and brought home with Courean from her intensive buying trips to LA every 8 weeks! She's hand picking her clothing & products for her customers (she knows what they'll be excited to buy), she only buys in sets of 6 (2 smalls, 2 mediums, 2 larges) and once they're sold out, they're gone! This vibrant space in Magnolia is more than just a retail unit turning profit, it's a heart of community in this busy work-focused city and I'm totally pumped to be sticking my fingers into this pie! Thank you Courean for asking for my help with your visual branding. Let's kick some social media tushy! ;) xx Chamonix

vixen day spa and boutique - magnolia seattle - product and lifestyle photography by chamonix films


Vixen Day Spa & Boutique signed on to Chamonix Films as a monthly client with a brand film and Instagram curation.

We are doing one 2hr photo shoot every month, featuring both flatlays (products arranged on the floor), styled product shots (products displayed in a creative environment), product lifestyle shots (products worn by a model around town), and brand lifestyle shots (snaps of the shop in action, the neighborhood, the ladies at work in the shop etc...). The photos are edited within 1 week and delivered via an online gallery. 

Courean didn't want to have to think about Instagraming (she has lots of shopping to do in LA, remember?) so not only does Chamonix Films take her photos for Instagram, we now also arrange them for her into the scheduled grid for publishing. This way all she has to do is add the captions and click post! This is a big time saver because curating (arranging photos) in a way that is beautiful, on brand, consistent and eye catching for scrolling viewers is a tricky business that requires some photography / human psychology knowledge. 

Vixen's website will be coming to life with a video on the homepage that tells the story of the shop showcasing why it's so special and fun. Brand films take about a month from start to finish at my end (but just a couple days from my client's perspective). We shoot for a few hours, have an audio recorded interview and then I disappear into a hole for a couple weeks until it's time to review and click publish.