Poplin Style - Client Portraits in Fremont

Shooting in the chilly almost-Spring in Fremont so Mellicia, owner and stylist at Poplin Style, can have some beautiful photos of her clients after their work together. I love working with Mellicia on these projects. She spends all this time working with women to help them feel confidence and comfortable in their personal style, get new outfits and step in front of the camera to celebrate. My job is to make sure we get to see the full outfits that Mellicia has created and that the women who are normally nervous to be photographed relax and end up with photos that feel like ‘them’ while also making sure they look and feel their best. For this particular shoot, we were looking for down-to-earth (or down-to-town, rather) vibes that were not too urban and not too nature. Ann’s clothing style was Banana Republic meets Southwest and I was looking for colors in the environment that complimented this palette. Thankfully Fremont has lots of funky little shops and painted walls. Thank you so much Mellicia for bringing these beautiful women in front of my camera.