6 Tips for Reducing Social Media Stress - Seattle Photography for Entrepreneurs

Are you screaming "F*ck FB algorithms!!" from the roof tops?
You're not alone. Here are my tips for reducing social media stress:

#1) Are you posts actually interesting & useful enough to 'stop the scroll' and inspire people to get off social and go do something meaningful with their lives?! Be the thing that triggered them to action!
#2) Stop collecting LIKES and start building relationships through realness. Check out Karli Lindor #teambeachbody for a great example of how to connect with people on a real-level through social media. 
#3) SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS: Planoly + CoSchedule
#4) HIRE SOMEBODY like Marisa from Secrets to Chic to manage social media.
#5) Sign up for monthly photo shoots with me: http://www.chamonixfilms.com/pricing/
#6) If you'e looking for a sign to GET OFF social media, this is it. You have permission to unplug! Your life & happiness is more important.