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When I launched Chamonix Films in January 2017, I made a list of 3 brands I wanted to have in my portfolio. My #1 choice was Adrien Craven Photography and today I am proud to click publish on her brand film! Wooohoo! I respect Adrien as a clear minded business woman with an elegant eye for romantic natural wedding photography and a kind gentle soul. She photographs weddings that celebrate the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest (mountains, beaches, rainforests etc...). As a PNW native myself, I drool over her photographs and feel a tug at my heartstrings for how beautiful our home is. Thank you so much Adrien for being so supportive of my filmmaking adventures, patiently watching me figure it out along the way and for trusting me to represent your brand with my own camera. I hope this brand film will be like a magnet that attracts your ideal brides & grooms to your camera for years to come. Happy shooting my dear!! ~ Chamonix


1) PLANNING: I met at Zoka Coffee in U Village (Seattle) to play 20 questions about her company. How do you describe your photography style? Who are your perfect clients? Who are your worst clients? Where is your favorite place to shoot? What are your goals for the year? What is your favorite color? etc... Turns out she's a plant-lady (just like me) and her house is a jungle and her company revolves around the beautiful natural landscape of the PNW! So we planned to have her brand video showcase the great outdoors and have all the calm neutral colors and soft lighting that she incorporates in her own photography. 


2) SHOOTING: In an April showers downpour, I drove out to the Olympic Peninsula with my assistant Nikki, a car full of camera equipment and not enough trailmix. We spent hours running around the Salt Creek Beach area with Adrien and some of her past clients who volunteered to be models for this film shoot. It's moments like this, as the sun is setting on the ocean, sparkling light filters through my camera and a big smile crosses my face that I appreciate the work I do, the lifestyle I've built for myself, the incredible place I call home and the amazing people I get to work with everyday. We came home covered in sand.

3) STORYTELLING: A week later, we showed up at Adrien's house for another filming day; this time showing off her lifestyle, her prep work for her shoots, and a sneak peek into her editing process. We got cozy on her couch, crawled around on her kitchen floor, bent over backwards on her dining room table...all to get that perfect shot. When all the filming was done, we pulled out the microphone and started grilling her (nicely) with more questions about her business. She told stories for about an hour until I threw my imaginary flag in the air - We got it! That's a wrap! I always know when we have all the content we need. It always takes about an hour.

4) THE CAVE: Then I dive into a cave and don't come out for ages until I've woven the video and audio footage together into a beautiful brand film. Sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window because I can't figure out how to piece it together. Then an hour later, I'm kissing my own ass because I love the video footage I captured. Then an hour after that I hate myself again because I accidentally deleted something I just spent an hour working on. Then 20 minutes later I recover what I deleted and all is right in the world again. Life behind the editing screen is an up and down circus trip. 

5) THE VICTORY LAP: I finally click EXPORT and PUBLISH. Oh how I love those buttons! I'm so pumped to share Adrien's film with the world and I eagerly send her an email with links to all the photos & videos that are included in her package. She'll be able to download them all immediately and start promoting them on all her social media accounts. Easy peasy! And me...I get to upload a new video to the front of my website. Woopwoop! 

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