Brand Film for Secrets to Chic: Digital Design & Media - Seattle Videography for Entrepreneurs

Here's what you get when your best business buddy doesn't realize they need a brand film but you force one upon her. Marisa had no expectations when I showed up at her Queen Anne office last Friday. I told her I was making her a promotional video and she wouldn't even have to get up from her desk. I've never made a film in one spot like this before so it was a fun challenge to find variety. I basically ended up standing inside a garbage can and shooting through a bunch of hangers and I shot waaay too much footage of the golden pineapple on her desk. // Chamonix

If you're looking for help with branding your fashion or beauty business or managing your social media accounts, Marisa is your girl!

Some of Marisa's clients include: Teadora BeautyLuminita JewelryKinwolf, and Brush Pearl

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