Karli Lindor - Virtual Fitness Coach for Team Beachbody - Brand Film & Yoga Photography

I met this blonde yoga goddess at a yoga studio in Bellevue, WA where we both used to work. I've always been in love with her boho style and easy going attitude. When I heard she was building an online fitness coaching business, I had to reach out and see if I could help a girl out. Of course, Karli went for it and a couple weeks later we were out on her family's dock on Lake Sammamish doing handstands. Karli is a coach for Team Beachbody and she uses social media (Facebook Groups and Instagram in particular) to build communities of girls across the country who are pushing themselves to change their lifestyles and develop healthy habits. In a world that starting to hate on social media (because it's so cluttered, shallow and overwhelming) Karli is a glowing example of how to use these platforms as a way to share honestly, make yourself vulnerable and form lasting friendships with real people you would have never otherwise met. Whenever I'm struggling with social media, I love to log onto her page and soak in some storytelling inspiration and remember that we are all real people who just want to make friends with real people. So let's be real and find each other. Thank you Karli for making the world a bright place on and off line. - Chamonix


“People get lost in the scrolling...video stops the scroll and captures their attention.”
“Video always reaches a bigger audience on my website and social media, and my brand film has had the biggest reach to date.”



Right after Karli's shoot we sat down (with Mr. Oliver Dog) to recap what the experience was like for this yoga teacher & virtual fitness coach being in front of my camera. I'm glad I didn't dissolve like a salt cube from all of Oliver's licking. ha!


Love meeting up with clients (who become friends) after a few months have gone by to hear how the photos & videos we created are helping their businesses grow! Karli noticed her brand film got way more engagement than any video she's ever shared!