Bridging the Gap Between Substance & Branding - Seattle Promotional Videography

You pour your heart & soul into your art, craft and business and still nobody follows you on Instagram. You're ready to throw social media out the window because the stress is driving you insane (literally) and you feel like all your hardwork and beautiful gifts for the world are going unnoticed while other people (who haven't put in any elbow grease like you have) have perfect Instagram feeds with hundreds of thousands of followers. The struggle is real my friend. You're not alone and it's time to bridge the gap between GREAT SUBSTANCE and GREAT BRANDING. 

I was inspired to make this video after a filming session with Ashley Newman of Union Pilates (aka badass bitch social activist and wellness goddess) and Kaisa of Kaisa Fit (aka badass bitch fitness hero with buns of steel). All three of us were feelin' it as we stood in the Pilates studio and ranted about how essential it is that your branding is strong in today's online social media marketing world. You may not like it, in fact, you might hate social media (I'm right there with ya) but if you want your product or message to get out there and add value to the world, you have to use the media platforms "of the day". Your audience is online, waiting for you to show up. If video ain't your thing, 

"If you have a gift to share with the world, it's your job to use media and get it out there." - Kaisa