How to Build Your Network of Badass Female Entrepreneurs

So you need some girlboss friends? I hear ya!

I spent years trying to grow my business on my own, alone at home on the computer tweaking my website. The day I got serious about making new friends, teaming up with other ladyboss entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals and scheduling REGULAR meetings with fellow female entrepreneurs to get together and discuss business, hold each other accountable and cry on each others' shoulders was the day my business really stepped up to the plate. Wherever you are, there are people who are excited to work hard and go for their dreams too. Go find them and say hello first!!

I am now part of a Badass Business Ladies group that meets every Tuesday at The Riveter in Capitol Hill, Seattle. This group was founded by 6 of us women who needed a support group full of geniuses and warrior goddess kinda energy. My group includes these amazing women & businesses:

Chamonix Films & Cha Wilde | ME 
The Eternal Hostess | Alex Alexander
Everling Jewelry | Adrienne Kreiger
Naked Truth Beauty | Lauren Evashenk
Poplin Style Direction | Mellicia Marx
Union Pilates | Ashley Newman

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