How to Get Over Your Fear of Posting LIVE Videos on Social Media for Your Lifestyle Brand

Scared shitless to click "GO LIVE" --- we are all nervous the first few times. Once you take the leap, it gets easier.

The West Seattle Vibes ladies @westseattlevibes are using Instagram to explore their neighborhood, promote local businesses and build community. Meghan & Malika are sassy, wine-drinkin', down to earth, not afraid to swear and have a good time, women with their business heads screwed on right! We met up at Bellden Cafe near downtown Bellevue to discuss how they're building their brand online through authentic Instagram posts, silly Instagram stories and Instagram LIVE broadcasts from local bars, restaurants, fitness classes and their own kitchens. They are building their vision together as besties, getting past the fear of clicking "GO LIVE" and starting to get recognized as rising local celebs! They're so excited to love on their community and celebrate how beautiful West Seattle is and how much it has to offer.

→ Get out there and schedule regular coffee dates with your ladyboss friends.
→ Having a good website is important, but what's really going to build your brand is making friends.
→ Life in your truth, do what you love and be willing to be vulnerable.
→ The first few times you GO LIVE are the toughest but once you push past it, it's way easier. 
→ Watch your videos after you post to learn from watching yourself.
→ Be shameless. Be true. Shine your light out!
→ Give yourself a challenge - post a video of yourself online everyday until you're not scared anymore.
→ Every time we do something outside of our comfort box we learn; we worry if someone will judge us or think we're silly but our followers will love us for who we are. When we see followers or engagement drop, it's just a reminder that we're attracting the right people and the repelling the wrong people.
→ If you're scared of being in the spotlight, take that spotlight off yourself and shine it on other people and causes! Focusing your content on other people takes the attention away from YOU and it's way less scary to be on camera. It's always easier to talk about other people. 
→ We're gaining more followers all the time so every time we go LIVE it's to a bigger audience but it also gets easier to broadcast, less scary with practice.
→ Creating content can be the hardest part of putting yourself out there. Does anyone actually care about what you're sharing? YES! If you're sharing real life and they're coming to your page to watch, it's because they do care.
→ Try new things, test stuff. Post stuff and see how many likes it gets. Pay attention to what makes people engage. Involve people and build real relationships with followers. 
→ Plan your posts or post on the fly? Use a balance of content that is intentionally planned to ensure you're delivering valuable content AND post random little snippets of authentic unplanned life to add personality and connection!
→ Make sure whatever you're posting evokes a feeling of desire & wanting! The only reason people scroll on social media is to get that endorphin release of inspiration, day dreams and connection. Give them something that makes them feel "I want that...."
→ When people give you critiques or feedback that might make you feel bad, turn it into a joke; have fun with it.
→ Keep your Instagram private for a little while while you get used to posting and then when you're ready, make it public! While building your brand, ask your friends & family for their opinions! 
→ ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO FOLLOW YOU! It's so scary to ask people you know in real life to follow you on social media when you're building a business, brand or dream because we're nervous they'll judge us...but remember that people are hungry for inspiration and if they judge...leave em in the dust anyway ;)

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How to Start Get Over Your Fear of Posting LIVE Videos on Social Media for Your Lifestyle Brand