Instagram Tips for Jewelry Designers - The Art of Alternating Lifestyle & Product Shots

Adrienne Krieger (owner of Everling Jewelry) emailed me saying, "I'm having such a hard time creating cohesiveness for my jewelry brand on Instagram. It seems like other types of companies have an easier time creating consistency. How do we do this with jewelry?" [NB: Hardcore paraphrasing just happened.] I analyzed the Everling Jewelry Instagram feed and made the following suggestions to help Adrienne make her brand have a lifestyle personality that adds to her product images instead of distracting from them and saves the feed from looking like a product catalog. In this blog post you can view my written suggestions & analysis, the live video screen-recording of me critiquing her Instagram feed, and the mock feed layouts (using photos from Pinterest) that I curated for her to use as inspiration and reference moving forward.

Chamonix Films Instagram Critique for Everling Jewelry - The Art of Alternating for Product and Lifestyle Cohesion PHOTOS.jpg
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