Monthly Social Media Package - List of Available Services


Social media is a bitch if you don’t have enough high-quality stuff to share. AND did you hear, video is taking over the world but unless you’re a video-geek like me, video production is a can of worms that will gobble you up and you’ll never get any other work done. So...hire me!

Once a month, I’ll come to you for a photo/video shoot and we’ll create a folder of content that will:

  1. Boost your social media game to the next level (higher quality images, consistency, good-bye selfie stick!)

  2. Free up your time (you won’t have to take new photos everyday, learn to edit, or find new photographers)

  3. Relieve stress (you’ll finally have what you need & you don’t have to do it alone anymore.


Depending on what you need each month, choose from this list of photo/video content:


  • Product* (white background, styled, flatlays, great for e-commerce etc...)

  • Lifestyle (you in action, behind the scenes, with clients, your workspace, new headshots etc…)

  • Editorial** (call in the models & makeup artists & we’ll create something fancy for the magazines)


  • Montage Videos (you at work, your product being used, behind the scenes clips, tour your space etc...)

  • Explainer Videos (talk to the camera & describe your products, answer customer questions, basic tutorials)

  • Interview Videos (client testimonials, greeting for customer, bio page video etc…)

  • High-End Tutorial Videos*** (blow Youtube out of the water with Oscar-worthy tutorial or training videos; in-depth descriptions with Brand Film style filming)

  • Vlogs & LIVE Videos (hitting that red button is scary as f*ck so having me there for the first couple times (probably making faces at you from behind your phone camera) helps get the ball rollin’ until you’re comfortable flying solo.)

*Mail-In Option Available for Small Products (2 Week Turnaround with Return Postage)
**Editorial shoots require more planning & time,  additional time is billed hourly.
***High End Tutorial Videos require more editing time, additional time is billed hourly.

$475/mo [+tax]
Payments are month-to-month, no commitment.
Save 10% if you pay for 6 months in advance.

1-2hr* Photo/Video Shoot, Once a Month
Digital Images (approx. 25-50) -Edited & Delivered in Online Gallery
Short Videos (approx. 3-5) - Edited & Delivered via Google Drive Download Link

*I aim to work efficiently and wrap it up in 1hr but if we need more time, an extra hour is no problem.
I charge extra if we go over 2hrs.

Instagram Critique
Instagram Curation