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I hear it again and again from creators -- "I've been trying to take product photos for myself for months and I still hate them. I bought a nice camera, I built my own lightbox, I took a workshop and I still don't have enough beautiful photos of my stuff to post on Instagram." Lauren Evashenk, Owner of Naked Truth Beauty, felt this way and decided it was time to call Chamonix Films and take her photo-game to the next level.  Like all professional photo shoots, we got ready in a  public bathroom (seriously, that's where 90% of the high-fashion magic happens haha) and photographed two models around Bellevue Square. We shot on the skybridge and  I went crazy with the reflections in the glass windows. The early-spring wind was freezing my fingers to the camera but what's new? When we couldn't take the chill anymore (and we got kicked out of the mall by security guards who told us we needed permits) we went back to my house for lunch and I photographed all of Lauren's natural makeup products inside my fancy-pants lightbox. I only work with people I like who are creating products I believe in and Lauren ticks both of those boxes. I'm so grateful to be supporting her company as it grows and expands beyond Vashon Island! Lauren, you go girl!! xx Chamonix


Lauren hired me for one photo shoot. We worked from 7am-12pm and we created the following content for her:

LIFESTYLE photography: editorial style photos of models wearing her makeup. She will use these photos on her website to make it pretty & professional and to demonstrate how makeup looks when worn.

PRODUCT photography: white-background beauty product photography (using a lightbox). These photos will go on her online e-commerce shop. We photographed every product from the same angles for consistency.

HEAD SHOTS: Every entrepreneur needs to look like a boss online and a selfie profile picture doesn't cut it. So if you're up for it, I always encourage my clients to let me photograph them before/after we shoot their products. It's always helpful to have new profile photos!


Laruen Evashenk | Owner
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