Poplin Style Direction Client Party - Event Photography & Client Video Testimonials

They say everyone is six degrees away from Kevin Bacon but I think we're all probably just 2 degrees away from Mellicia Marx, owner of Poplin Style Direction. She's a networking tycoon (a.k.a social butterfly on entrepreneurial steroids), big hearted philanthropist, and fashionista personal stylist in Seattle. It wouldn't be much of an exaggeration to say that I owe much of my business success and friendships to this amazing woman who is so full of vitality, strength and compassion. Mellicia helps women feel comfortable and confident so they can go after their dreams and love people more deeply (including themselves) and she does it by helping them create a wardrobe that is "like a boutique created just for them." She shows women how clothing & personal style can be a powerful tool of expression, playful creativity and a strong foundation from which you face everything that comes your way.

Poplin Style Direction - Seattle Personal Stylist - Event Photography by Chamonix Films

It's not about looking good for the sake of looking good, keeping up with trends or trying "to impress the Kardashians" or whatever - I think we all agree that's a superficial rabbit hole and we all have more exciting things to focus on and offer the world. And that is precisely what's happening at Poplin Style. Mellicia works with women from all different life paths, editing their closets, getting rid of clothes that no longer flatter them or make them feel fabulous, taking them shopping and introducing them to unexpected pieces they never even considered trying or thought they'd love, compiling wish lists to keep everyone's wardrobes up to date throughout the seasons, crafting blog posts and newsletters that spread the word about awesome sales and tips, and let's not forget the endlessly surprising text messages that fly back and forth with style questions and "LOOK WHAT I JUST FOUND!! IT'S PERFECT FOR YOU!" discoveries. (I got my first one last month - Mellicia found a pair of pink strappy heels at the Mercer Island Thrift Store - perfect for Chamonix! Yippee! I wore them to this client party!).


After working with Mellicia, women say they understand better who they are, how they want to feel when they greet the universe each day, the intention behind the clothing their placing on their bodies and most importantly, how to have fun with so getting dressed everyday becomes a stress-free time-saving delight that sets them up for success. I am so proud to call this inspiring woman a dear friend and business partner. Thank you Mellicia for hosting your beautiful client party at your house, gathering together such an eclectic group of dynamic women and showcasing the work of our friends, Lauren of Naked Truth Beauty and Adrienne of Everling Jewelry


naked truth beauty at poplin style client party photography by chamonix films


Mellicia hired Chamonix Films to document her client party because she A) needed more photos of herself interacting with clients that she can use to freshen up her newsletters B) wanted to record video testimonials of clients talking about how her services have helped them because it's always more powerful to let someone else do the talking C) was excited to promote Naked Truth Beauty makeup products (THEY ARE SO GOOD. IT'S THE ONLY MAKEUP I WEAR. SERIOUSLY....TRY IT) and Everling Jewelry (Adrienne is a jewelry-craft-wizard and she made my wedding ring!) Mellicia told her clients to bring their old jewelry to the party so Adrienne could consult with them about how they could give these old stones a facelift and turn them into something new. Downstairs there was also a mini museum of bras that go well with "bra-tricky dresses" and she showed off blazers from Citizen Mark. She also had a prize drawing with donations from all the vendors including a makeup session with Kat St. John (who I worked with 4 years ago back in the day when I owned a women's glamour portrait photography studio - I was so surprised to see her walk in the door - didn't I tell ya EVERYBODY knows Mellicia!) Oh, and did I mention the tastiest of treats that she had served on platters (my fingers were either clicking the camera buttons or lifting bacon-rolled dates to my lips - yum!) Once again, thank you Mellicia :) xx Chamonix


Everling Jewelry - Custom Wedding Rings Seattle - Photography by Chamonix Films
Poplin Style Direction - Fashion Stylist for Women - Event Videography by Chamonix Films