Susan Lorraine Jewelry - Starter Pack

"What on earth could you be doing so close?" Susan couldn't stop laughing with me hovering over her shoulder and jokingly shoving my camera into her face. We were inside her wood shed studio, listening to the Washington rain tinkling on the roof. Susan talked into my microphone; sharing how she started making jewelry, how she invented her cool 'Banana Leaf Earrings' and how she's struggled in the past with perfectionism and constantly reminds herself to be playful and childlike. I learned about 'annealing' (making metal soft) and why 'rawhide hammers' are awesome (they beat up metal without leaving marks) and how charming life can be in her slow-paced artist/hippie community on Vashon Island (20 minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle). It was a fun field trip adventure for me, riding on the waves, leaving the sparkly city behind me. Susan took me to a kickass bakery before we started filming (I tasted my first ever 'Pear Cinnamon Roll'!) I was in filmmaker's heaven with all the shiny pieces of metal and vintage equipment I got to zoom in on.

This was a big project that included three films: a Brand Film (introducing Susan Lorraine Jewelry & her company philosophy), a Tutorial (how to make Banana Leaf Earrings) and an Info Video (a tour of her hammer wall). These videos will fill out Susan's website and be shared on her social media to enhance the professionalism of her brand and increase her online exposure this year. In addition to these films, Susan's "Starter Pack" included lifestyle photos for Instagram, headshots and white-background product photography that she used in her online shop.

The starter package is perfect for businesses who:

  • are ready for a full brand or website makeover
  • have a big project they want to feature from multiple angles
  • are new to video marketing and want to sample all of our services


WHAT: 2-3 Minute Promotional Video
 1) Who You Are
2) What You Do
3) Why They Want to Work with YOU

WHY: Attracts ideal clients, communicates company culture/personality, helps people quickly understand your product/service
WHERE TO USE: on your website homepage, presenting to networking groups, pitching to investors, sharing & advertising on social media



WHAT: 5-10 minute Step-by-Step Educational Video
1) build following of students & potential clients
2) passive income through educational or sponsorship
3) boost credibility & client trust

“In the saturated market of social media it’s important now more than ever to stand out.  What makes your work special is hard enough to explain in photos alone, especially with jewelry where it takes extensive training and hours to create one pair of earrings. I wanted to film a tutorial to show just how much love and labor goes into every piece of jewelry I make...My plantain earrings process takes many steps and it’s NOT for the novice wire wrapping jeweler but my hope is it connects my viewers with the intricate craft of hand making jewelry. It’s important that you don’t have to be jewelers to enjoy this tutorial, as it’s both captivating and visually stunning to watch."  -- Susan Lorraine Jewelry

Learn more about tutorial videos in my BLOG POST:
"Your Excuses for NOT Making Tutorial Videos are Silly"


WHAT: 1-2 Minute "Spotlight" Video About a Specific Aspect of Your Business
1) Interesting or Useful Content for Followers
2) Adds personality and depth to your online presence/website
3) Helps people appreciate the intricacies behind your product/service

WHERE: anywhere on your website (about us, services, blog), social media channels, send directly to clients to answer emails or build connection


1) Lifestyle Images (Your Product on a Model) 
2) Product Images (Your Products on a White Background)
3) Headshots (Professional Portraits)
4) Candids (You at Work, Behind the Scenes, Interacting with Clients etc...)

WHY: Boost the professionalism of your brand, stand out on social media with crisp consistency, accurately represent your products in your online shop, have content to fill your website and tell your story in print

WHERE: website content, social media & blog posts, print, profile photos, Facebook banners, e-commerce etc...


I am ready to..,.


Susan Lorraine Jewelry
Designer & Metalsmith
Vashon Island, Washington
@susan_lorraine (Instagram)