Vixen Day Spa & Boutique Brand Film - by Chamonix Films Seattle Videographer

Make it sexy! That's what I imagine Courean whispering in my ear as I edit the brand film I'm creating for her. I'm looking through video footage of sparkling gold jewelry, fingers running across clothing hangers and rubbing fabrics, tattooed hands massaging skin and happy noses sniffing pretty candles. Vixen Day Spa & Boutique is so full of warmth, color and all the pretty things that make girls squeel, gab and strut their stuff in the mirror. The first time I walked into the shop in Magolia, my eyes landed on the wall of mirrors and the incredible golden candeliers...and the sparkly jewelry (did I mention the sparkly jewelry, and the mirrors...and the chandeliers? haha). Courean had a vision for creating a gathering place in her community where women could make friends, exchange knowledge and find cool things to take home and pass on as gifts. She wanted it to feel "like you were raiding your really cool girlfriend's closet" and she told me that these days she walks into the store, realizes her vision has become a reality and she has to step into the back room to gather herself, emotions bubbling up. I have the pleasure of traveling to Magnolia once a month to photograph the new items that Courean has collected (she goes on buying trips to LA every 8 weeks) and every time I walk into this place and see her, a smile hits my face and I feel the warm and fuzzies. I am so excited that she asked me to create a brand film for her and after many hours of filming & editing, this proud little Seattle filmmaker is proud to announce that another promotional video is ready to hit the interwebs! Enjoy the show and follow Vixen on Instagram! Thank you so much Courean for being such a sexy treat, a new friend and giving me the opportunity to make a living doing what I love most...filming sparkly things (oh and did I mention the mirrors?!) ;P // Chamonix

Instagram: @vixendayspa

Make it Sexy (of course)
Show how much fun we have here
Show to day spa services but put the focus on the clothing so people realize we have a full boutique
Show that we have good custom service/relationships
Show what it feels like to be in the shop
Make sure people know we are constantly putting out new merchandise
I don't want it to be about me, it's about the shop and the community

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