Projects range from $500 - $5000 depending on complexity. The average brand film is $2600.
You'll receive a custom quote after your consultation meeting, once we’ve assessed how complex your project will be.

Most projects take 1 month start to finish; from our consultation meeting and planning until the day the photos & videos are delivered.
You’ll received your brand film 2-3 weeks after the filming day.

Travel within 20 miles of Bellevue, WA is complimentary. I charge expenses + 10% when traveling greater distances. 

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➺ It's a 2 minute video for the front of your website. It quickly and creatively shows WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY people want to work with you. 
➺ Share your video on social media to grab people’s attention. Email it to prospective clients to introduce yourself. Use it for your kickstarter video or incorporate it into your presentations when pitching to investors.
➺ Brand films immediately initiate your relationship with the viewer. Whoever is watching, gets to see your face, hear your voice, watch how you work and interact with people & they get a taste of your personality, personal life or driving purpose behind everything you do. You're making it possible for people to connect with you as a real person and they feel more confident and excited to reach out, trust you and spend money on your business.
➺ Your video is a client filtration system. In seconds, a person will know if they want to work with you or not; ideal clients will stick around to learn more (or even book right away) and not-so-ideal clients will run for the hills. 
➺ Your brand video is your elevator pitch. It talks so you don't have to (you can even use it during a presentation, just click play!). It's out there marketing on your behalf while you're busy at work. It saves you time by answering the most basic and fundamental questions that people are constantly asking you about your business. If you have a difficult time explaining what you do, the process of creating a brand film will solve this problem! It gives you a chance to reflect on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and how you’re doing it and to celebrate the role your business plays in the world. Step back and realize that you have created something that people want and now there’s even a short film to prove it!