#1) FREE CONSULTATION -- Identify Goals & Make a Plan (Not a Script) Sign up online.
#2) FILMING -- 1 Day (approx. 2-5hrs) to record audio interview & video footage.
#3) EDITING -- I weave everything together into an engaging goal-driven story. This takes 2 weeks.
#4) REVIEW & PUBLISH -- You get final approval on the film and then freedom to share it anywhere online!
$$ PRICING -- A Brand Film starts at $2500. Payment plans are available. Just ask ;) 
 TURN AROUND TIME -- 1 Month Total, Start to Finish


#1) GOAL ORIENTED [consultation]
Why are you investing in a brand film? What's your business related goal for this video? How do you want people to feel when they're watching? What action do you want them to take when the video ends? 
We'll figure this stuff out during your consultation meeting and use your answers to plan the film.

The way I create brand films is very organic and spontaneous. We'll have a loose plan of action - we'll know where we're shooting, what we'll generally be doing, and important facts we must cover. However, all the specific details (where to stand, where to move, what to zoom in on, the sentences you'll speak etc...) is all decided in the moment on the fly (by ME). I'll boss you around so you never have to wonder or worry about what you're supposed to be doing. My film shoots are like a duck pond - on the surface, you'll see everything flowing smoothly with clear instructions while I'm problem solving and puzzling artistic visions and business strategies together at lightening speed from behind the camera. Most of my clients feel nervous about being on camera and uncertain about what they're going to say or do and they feel like writing out a script will help them prepare. It's totally natural to feel this urge to plot out a scene by scene storyboard...but DON'T! For most people, the script becomes a distracting crutch that prevents them from talking naturally. They sound robotic, stiff and rehearsed (like a bad infomercial...but wait!! there's more!). The last thing the world needs is another marketing campaign so trust me (and all my alumni clients who will testify in court on this topic lol) when I say that your brand film is more powerful when you jump in cold, answer my questions freely off the top of your head, and let me boss you around (even when what I'm asking you to do doesn't seem relevant right away).

On the day of filming, I'll record a freestyle conversation interview with you (speaking into a microphone & sometimes camera) to gather all the audio content we'll need for the voice over. We converse for 30-60 minutes. I'll ask you questions like "Who is your ideal client? Why did you start this business? What did you want to be when you were growing up? What is the worst client experience you've ever had? What is your favorite part of your job? What's the most embarrassing things that's ever happened to you at work? What do clients say about you?" etc... Everything during this conversation is "off the record" - feel free to answer honestly and let all the swear words, tongue-tied slip ups, 'woops I shouldn't have said that' and 'please don't include that bit' come out. I want to hear it all so A) I really understand what your mission is so I can create a film that honors it fully and communicates it effectively and B) I can pick out the golden nuggets. While you're talking and telling me stories, I'm patiently waiting for tiny phrases that hit the mark. In the middle of a totally unrelated story you might unexpectedly say the perfect sentence for your brand film. I know it when I hear it and I cut out all those gems and stitch them together into a 2 minute audio story - better than anything we could have planned ahead of time. And of course, the story we tell aligns with your overarching goals. 

Once I've heard all the audio, I'll immediately have a vision in mind for the kind of video I'll need to record. 99% of the time, we go straight into filming (everything takes place in one day). The video brings to life the words that you're speaking. To put it simply, if during your interview you said, "My shop is always filled with laughter," then I know I have to get a video clip of people laughing in your shop. The audio and the video are presented together, overlapping to double communicate the message to the viewer; just saying it isn't enough. People need to see it to believe it. While filming, I will give you instructions so you don't feel awkward or lost but they will be vague so you don't get stiff by overthinking. For example, I might say "sit in that chair and sip your coffee while reading the newspaper." I WOULD NOT say "hold the newspaper in your right hand at this angle and turn your cup this way while sipping of this side, now tilt your head to the right yadda yadda..." This is far too much for you think about, right? We're trying to tell a real story here, not a perfectly fake one. Once you know what you're doing, I'll run around with the camera. I'll hover over your shoulder, climb on chairs, lay on the floor under tables, peek through bushes and generally make an absolute fool of myself for the sake of your film. I don't even notice what I'm doing most of the time because I'm lost in video land.

Once we have all this beautiful audio & video footage, I'm going to edit it together into a story that has a beginning, middle & end. It's magical watching it come together (my favorite part!). There are lots of creative techniques I can play with while editing and I'll make decisions that best aligns with your business goals and the feel of your brand. My intention is to create videos that not only represent your brand but actually make people feel things; videos that are so beautiful and interesting, people actually enjoy watching them and don't feel like they're being marketed to...because really, they're just watching a movie about your story and by the end of it they'll feel like they just spent time getting to know you and they'll be super excited to meet you in person and work with your company. So to achieve this, while editing, I imagine someone who is angry and bored and doesn't give a rat's ass about your company watching this video. What would hold the attention of that difficult audience member? What would cheer them up? What would make them interested to learn about something they think is irrelevant to their lifestyle? If I can entertain and convert that sourpuss viewer then it's going to be a home-run with your ideal happy client! The secret is often just cut cut cut! Make it shorter, more to the point, faster, smoother, unpredictable, enchanting light, warm inviting colors...these are all my tricks and I'll put them to work for you! ;)

Brand films take 1 month to create (start to finish) and when your film is ready I'll send you an email with a link that lets you watch a rough draft. You can request any changes at this time. Once we have a final draft approved, I will deliver the final high-resolution fully edited and polished film via Google Drive. You can post your video anywhere - all the social media channels including Youtube & Vimeo. You can publish it on your website and submit it to other online publications or share it with investors or clients.