We have seen a six figure growth in our business since we worked with Chamonix Films.
People get lost in the scrolling...video stops the scroll and captures their attention.
— Karli Lindor
Chamonix was a huge asset in building our brand photography portfolio. Her flexibility and enthusiasm make it easy to keep our (photography) current.
— Lauren Evashenk, Naked Truth Beauty
Video always reaches a bigger audience on my website and social media, and my brand film has had the biggest reach to date.
— Karli Lindor
My brand film & tutorial show customers how much love and labor goes into every piece of jewelry I make.
— Susan Lorraine Jewelry
Chamonix has become a partner in my brand development and since working with her we’ve received more followers, engagement and shares online and expanded our presence in the larger
& local marketplaces.
— Ashley Newman, Union Pilates